Zoll AEDs from Central Coast Health & Safety

Zoll AED PlusCentral Coast Health & Safety, LLC is proud to offer the AED Plus® from Zoll.

As with our CPR training courses, we are dedicated to offering the finest service and support for your AED purchase. We offer comprehensive package including a California Title 22 compliant Internal Emergency Response Plan and support program.

Why Zoll AED Plus®?

Central Coast Health & Safety did an extensive study of the AED market before selecting the Zoll AED Plus®. We determined that Zoll was the right choice for our customers based on a number of clear advantages:

  • An AED alone is rarely effective in saving a life. CPR is a critical part of a rescue. Only the Zoll AED Plus® provides feedback for both depth and rate of chest compressions. 
  • The Zoll AED Plus® has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of any AED on the market. There is nothing to buy or replace for the first five years.
  • Powered by standard lithium batteries that are much less expensive than custom power packs used by other AEDs.
  • Best dust and water protection of any AED available.

Central Coast Health and safety also provides the AED program oversight you need to remain compliant with State laws and to assure your staff remains certified and ready to assist in the event of a SCA emergency.